Swing and Casino Corporate Party

case study

The Brief

Our client sought to create a memorable end-of-year corporate lunch for their team, aiming to foster connections and celebrate the year’s achievements. The key requirements were live music, engaging activities, and an atmosphere conducive to fun and interaction.

case study

The Solution

Venue and Reception: We chose the elegant Dilly London as the venue, setting the tone with a sophisticated champagne reception accompanied by a selection of gourmet canapés. This initial mingling session allowed guests to relax and engage in light conversation.

Dining Experience: Transitioning into the dining room, the attendees were treated to a delicious 3-course Christmas meal. The menu was carefully curated to cater to diverse palates while maintaining a festive theme.

Entertainment: To infuse the event with energy and nostalgia, a 5-piece swing band was arranged. Their repertoire included a mix of swing classics and popular Christmas hits, striking a balance between elegance and festive cheer.

Interactive Activity: Adding an element of playful competition, we set up casino tables where guests could participate in a fun, no-stakes tournament. The excitement culminated in awarding a bottle of champagne to the tournament winner.

case study


Enhanced Team Bonding: The combination of a relaxed reception, an elegant meal, and lively entertainment facilitated natural team bonding. The interactive casino game particularly encouraged guests to mingle in a light-hearted setting.

Positive Feedback: The event received overwhelmingly positive feedback, with guests praising the seamless blend of classy dining and entertainment. The live music was a hit, with many appreciating the quality and selection of the performance.

Client Satisfaction: Our client was thrilled with the outcome. The event not only met but exceeded their expectations, providing a memorable experience that resonated with their team’s spirit and company culture.

Future Engagements: The success of this event has led to further collaborations with the client, solidifying our relationship and establishing our company as a reliable partner for corporate event planning.