Mamma Mia Themed Corporate Party

case study

The Brief

A corporate client approached us with a request to organise an unforgettable Winter Party that marked the end of their year. The challenge was to create a creative, immersive, and themed event that would not only entertain but also foster team camaraderie and celebrate their achievements.

Our Objective: To conceptualize and execute an event that encapsulates the joyous spirit of a Greek Taverna, inspired by the musical “Mamma Mia.” The event needed to be more than just a gathering; it was envisioned as a vibrant celebration of music and dance, offering a truly immersive experience for every attendee.

case study

The Solution

Creative Concept and Venue: Our team proposed “A Night at the Greek Taverna,” an event inspired by the lively and colorful ambiance of Greece. We transformed the Hilton Liverpool into a picturesque Greek Taverna setting, complete with giant themed trees and statement candelabra table centers.

Entertainment and Performances: Collaborating with a local performing arts college, we developed a bespoke, immersive performance that captured the essence of Mamma Mia themed festivities. To elevate the musical experience, we hired a renowned ABBA tribute act, ensuring guests enjoyed nostalgic hits in a lively setting. Additionally, a guitarist serenaded the guests during welcome drinks, setting the tone for the evening.

Immersive Decor and Production: Every detail of the event was carefully planned to enhance the immersive experience. From immersive props and sets that transported guests to the heart of Greece to a meticulously designed production, AV, and lighting setup, we ensured that every element contributed to the thematic ambiance.

Logistics and Accommodations: Understanding the importance of seamless experience, we handled all logistics, including finding and booking the venue and coordinating accommodations for all guests, ensuring a hassle-free and enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

case study


The event was a resounding success, with guests thoroughly enjoying the immersive Greek Taverna experience. The dance routine and the ABBA tribute act were particular highlights, with many guests actively participating in the festivities.

Client Feedback: Our client was extremely satisfied with the outcome, praising our attention to detail, the quality of entertainment, and the overall immersive experience. They noted the event not only met but exceeded their expectations in terms of creativity and execution.

Impact: The event significantly boosted team morale and camaraderie among the attendees. It served as a memorable end-of-year celebration and set a high benchmark for future corporate events. Our ability to blend entertainment, culture, and immersive experiences was particularly appreciated, and it showcased our expertise in creating unique and engaging events.