Kocktail Crowdfunding Campaign

case study

The Brief

When Kocktail, the rising RTD cocktail brand, reached out to us, they were embarking on a significant milestone – a Seedrs campaign with the ambitious goal of raising £150,000. Their request was straightforward yet challenging: create a compelling video that not only highlights the exceptional quality of their drinks but also encapsulates the lucrative investment opportunity their fast-growing company represents

case study

The Solution

We initiated a collaborative process, working closely with the Kocktail team to deeply understand the brand essence, their unique selling propositions, and the vision driving their rapid growth. Armed with these insights, our creative team designed a video narrative that was as engaging as it was informative.

Our approach was to blend the visual allure of Kocktail’s cocktails with testimonials and data, weaving a compelling story of a brand poised for greatness. The video showcased the meticulous care in crafting each drink, juxtaposed with the scalable business model and robust market presence.

Each scene was crafted to not just showcase a product but to unveil an unfolding success story, inviting potential investors to become an integral part of a journey defined by ambition, quality, and innovation.

case study


The video became the centrepiece of Kocktail’s Seedrs campaign, capturing the essence of the brand and the unparalleled investment opportunity it presented. Prospective investors were not just introduced to a product but were immersed in a narrative of innovation, quality, and exponential growth.

Kocktail didn’t just meet their £150,000 investment target – they exceeded it.

This project underscores our unwavering commitment to understanding client needs and transforming them into visual masterpieces that do not just convey a message but drive tangible, impactful results. For Kocktail, the campaign video wasn’t just a storytelling tool – it was a catalyst that propelled them into their next chapter of expansion and innovation, proof positive of the power of well-crafted visual narratives in amplifying brand stories and turning ambitions into achievements.

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