Employee Wellness Exhibition

case study

The Brief

Our client is a provider of employee benefits, offering tailored solutions designed to enhance the happiness, well-being, and engagement of personnel within businesses. They came to Stacked Productions to create an event that would bring together their suppliers and partners to showcase their products and services directly to their employees. They wanted to create an event that would build strong relationships and educate employees about available benefits.

case study

The Solution

We created an exhibition centred around employee wellness and wellbeing.

The event featured a stand dedicated to each supplier, allowing employees to engage, ask questions, and learn about the various benefits. Stands included unique offerings like electric vehicles such as Teslas and electric bikes, as well as a plethora of wellbeing service providers.

Additionally, breakout rooms hosted informative talks and workshops on wellness, mental health, nutrition, physical fitness, and more, creating a holistic approach to employee well-being. 

Expert facilitators guided attendees through invigorating yoga classes, enlightening meditation sessions, and informative talks on mental health and work-life balance.

case study


These workshops and classes empowered employees with the knowledge and tools they need to prioritise their well-being both inside and outside the workplace.

By providing direct interaction between employees and suppliers, the exhibition significantly enhanced employees’ understanding of the available benefits, thus amplifying the impact of wellbeing initiatives for our client. The interactive stands, engaging workshops, and informative sessions provided an environment that facilitated meaningful conversations between employees and suppliers, leading to increased engagement.

The exhibition’s impact resonated beyond the event, creating a lasting culture of wellness and enhanced employee satisfaction within the organisation.