Dead Island 2 Video Game Launch

case study

The Brief

We recently collaborated with the renowned gaming studio, Deep Silver Dambuster Studios on the internal launch party for their highly anticipated video game, ‘Dead Island 2’.

Dambuster Studios gave us the task of bringing their virtual world to life, immersing guests in the captivating world of the game. Our goal was to create hyper-realistic, real-life versions of two lead characters from the game, enabling them to interact with guests while remaining true to their in-game personas. Additionally, we were tasked with crafting four eerily authentic zombies that would roam the event, amplifying the thrill of the game’s apocalyptic universe.

case study

The Solution

Meticulous attention to detail was imperative to ensure the authenticity of these characters, both visually and behaviourally. Our skilled team embarked on the challenge of creating bespoke costumes that perfectly captured the essence of these characters, meticulously crafting every intricate detail. The casting process played a vital role in finding talented actors who could embody the characters’ personalities and interact convincingly with the guests, further enhancing the immersive experience.

To amplify the thrill of the game’s apocalyptic universe, we were tasked with the creation of four eerily authentic zombies that would roam the event. Our team delved into the world of special effects and prosthetics, employing their expertise to transform talented individuals into hauntingly realistic zombies. 

Throughout the entire project, close collaboration with the visionary team at Dambuster Studios was paramount. Understanding their artistic vision and aligning it with our expertise in event production enabled us to achieve a seamless transition from the virtual world to reality. Our shared dedication to delivering an unforgettable experience ensured that every element of the event, from the smallest details to the grandest spectacle, remained faithful to the game’s universe.

case study


 The launch party exceeded all expectations, leaving a lasting impression on both the team at Deep Silver Dambuster Studios and all who attended. The feedback we received was overwhelmingly positive, with guests expressing their delight in witnessing their beloved characters and zombies come to life. The collaborative efforts between our agency and Dambuster Studios culminated in an event that flawlessly translated the virtual world of ‘Dead Island 2’ into a tangible and immersive experience.