Casio Team Away Day

case study

The Brief

Casio approached our event management company with a multifaceted challenge aimed at enhancing its corporate culture. The primary objectives were to:

  • Bridge interdepartmental gaps and foster a unified workforce.
  • Accommodate a diverse age range and ensure accessibility for all employees.
  • Create an environment where every participant feels valued and able to contribute.
  • Enhance interdepartmental communication and collaboration.
  • Contribute to Casio’s long-term aspiration of becoming a top 100 company to work for.

Understanding Casio’s unique needs, we crafted an event strategy that would resonate with all employees, fostering a stronger, more cohesive corporate culture.

case study

The Solution

To address Casio’s objectives, we organised a comprehensive event at Easthampstead Park. The day was meticulously planned to ensure inclusivity, engagement, and memorable experiences for all attendees.

  1. Arrival and Refreshments: All guests arrived by coach and were greeted with refreshments to start the day on a positive note.

  2. Morning Presentation and Strategy Session: Casio’s team led a session to align everyone with the company’s strategic goals, setting the stage for the day’s activities.

  3. Lunch: A well-curated lunch provided an opportunity for informal mingling and relaxation.

  4. Afternoon Team Building Activity:

    • Activity Overview: The Activity featured a series of interactive spy-related challenges. These challenges were designed to be inclusive and engaging, catering to various skills and abilities.
    • Team Formation: Participants were divided into teams to foster interdepartmental collaboration.
    • Challenges: Teams rotated through different challenges, including code-breaking, deactivating bombs, deciphering clues, and more. Each activity emphasised essential skills such as communication, team spirit, diversity, support, efficiency, time management, flexibility, control, and leadership.
    • Mission Analysis: Expert facilitators provided feedback on how teams applied these skills, reinforcing the learning experience.
    • Competition and Rewards: Teams competed to earn Spy Dollars, with the highest-earning team receiving a winner’s trophy.
    • Linking to Client’s values: Each activity was carefully linked to one of Casio’s core values, ensuring that every challenge not only engaged participants but also reinforced the principles and ethos that Casio stands for.

  5. Evening Reception: The day concluded with an outdoor BBQ, drinks, music, and mingling, providing a relaxed environment for further bonding.

case study


The event successfully achieved the following outcomes:

  • Bridging Interdepartmental Gaps: The Activity’s collaborative nature broke down barriers between departments, fostering a sense of unity and shared purpose.
  • Inclusive Participation: Activities were designed to be accessible and engaging for all employees, ensuring everyone felt included and valued.
  • Enhanced Communication and Collaboration: The team-based challenges promoted interdepartmental communication and collaboration, highlighting the strengths and contributions of each department.
  • Boosted Morale and Job Satisfaction: The engaging and enjoyable activities, coupled with the social evening reception, significantly boosted employee morale and job satisfaction.
  • Contributing to Long-Term Goals: The event marked a positive step towards Casio’s goal of becoming a top 100 company to work for, showcasing the company’s commitment to investing in its employees’ happiness and development.

By aligning our event strategy with Casio’s long-term aspirations, we delivered a memorable experience that not only met but exceeded the client’s expectations, setting a high standard for future employee events.